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Peter Hellyer (1947–2023)

The passing of Peter Hellyer in July left all of us at Nautica incredibly sad. Peter was our sponsor for ten years, a long-term friend to many of us and a frequent visitor to the office, always full of suggestions, clever ideas and email address and phone numbers for people we really must get in touch with.

Following the memorial service and celebration of Peter’s life held at St Andrew’s Church in October, we are pleased to announce that in early January 2024, in association with the Emirates Natural History Group, we are hosting a special evening in honour of Peter. Details to follow, but keep the evening of 9th January free.

We were delighted to see that this recently published masterpiece, which will surely become the definite work of reference on the UAE’s natural history for many years, is dedicated to Peter. This book is open-access online and well worth a read.

Dr Mark Beech, a fellow archaeologist and colleague of Peter of many years, has gathered together online many of the articles and tributes to Peter. Some of these are very interesting reading; they can be found at this link.

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